Miracle in a Bottle? Recovered from a Sprained Wrist

Miracle in a Bottle- Essential Oils Heal my Husband’s Hand

Last week my husband came home from work with a sprained wrist. He works during the week with his hands repairing houses. If anyone has had a sprained injury like I have it takes 3 months or so to get it back on track. For my husband it is his job to work with his hands every day. We have been using essentials oils more and more every day since 6 years ago. As we use the oils we learn and as we learn we are more successful! This is our story of how he healed his hand the natural way with essential oils. We tried this protocol below and in 3 days he felt like it was back to normal!

Day 1
Fully swollen could not move his hand or turn the ignition on in his truck. Could not touch hand; very sensitive and immoblized.
-Applied essential oils layers of Lemongrass for ligaments, Marjoram for muscles, and Copaiba to magnify the healing process. Wrapped hand with Ace bandage and went to bed
-Started to ingest BLM supplements (Bones, Ligaments, Muscles) formulated by Young Living. Took 4 at one time before bed.

Day 2
Semi-swollen and feeling better. Swelling starting to minimize. Went to work with applying 3 oils again with working with ace bandage on. Felt could use hand with minor projects/tools at work. Slept over night with ace bandage (clean one) with another application of 3 oils again.
-Applying the 3 essential oil layers morning and night. Taking BLM supplements either 2 in morning/2 at night or all 4 at once.

Day 3
No more swelling! Able to turn wrist, start his truck and feel like he can use his tools like normal again! Amazing! Now husband doesn’t want to go a day without our oils! Says the BLM supplements also made a big difference in his body for healing and use of hands.

Only 3 days and my husband was relieved. We didn’t know what the response would be with the oils since we have had sprains before that last a long time and usually became re-injured due to day to day activities or needing to work with hands.

We are continuing with the 3 essential oils of lemongrass, marjoram and copaiba. My husband recommends using an ace bandage not only for support but for keeping the oils saturated under bandage. Been a week now and when he forgets to take his BLM supplements or oils he can tell the difference! Now he is on a a need basis for his hands. Every day is still better. Must be feeling better since I have to remind him to put on the oils and take the BLM supplements. Best to be consistent every day for optimal, continued healing!

That’s it folks! Miracles do happen from a bottle! Thanks Young Living for producing high quality oils that make a difference in the results.


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